6 Good Reasons for a Mobile Website

On 21st of April 2015 Google changed its algorithm. From now on the usability of your website for mobile users is definitely taken into account and affects the ranking of your website.
If you (have to) take care of the marketing of your company personally, you most likely know about the importance of a strong Internet presence.

Website mobile - before and after optimizing

Website mobile – before and after optimizing

There are many ways to build a strong Internet presence: starting with social media activities up to running a blog. And you should take advantage of all these opportunities.

One of the most striking and most effective developments to fully exploit the marketing potential of the Internet, is by using a mobile website.

A mobile website is specifically designed for the mobile web, and viewed on mobile devices. But why does your business need a mobile site, if your traditional site works just fine?

Here 6 convincing reasons for a mobile website

Google & Co.

On April 21, 2015 Google got serious and changed its search algorithm. Now a mobile site increases your search engine ranking. Other major search engines will follow.

SEO technically you will fall behind very soon, if you do not act now.


You may wonder why a mobile user cannot just look at your existing desktop site on a smartphone. – The truth is: he or she can!

But it is also true that a ‘normal’ site definitly does not look good on a small screen.
Try it: Zoom out your site until you hardly see the contents, or shrink your browser window to the size of a smartphone display. It is not a very good surfing experience, if you have to scroll back and forth while reading …

With this online tool, you can check exactly how your site appears in different mobile devices: www.mobilephoneemulator.com


Today, more people access the internet via a mobile device than via laptop or desktop PC. Actually, more and more people even visit the Internet exclusively via a smartphone.

Do you really want to miss out this complete market sector?

Data transfer costs

Even today, many mobile users pay for data transfer. Traditional sites contain much more data than mobile sites. Therefore they are more expensive for the user to look at. This usually means: High costs for a bad browsing experience. Once a user is disappointed, he or she will hardly come again.


Traditional websites are shown very small on a mobile display. That means the user has to zoom in and out and has to scroll a lot. This way the navigation can hardly be operated with a finger or be found at all in the magnified view.


People who visit the Internet via smartphone, use the mobile web for a whole range of different activities. They are searching for contact details and opening hours, do shopping, look for entertainment and much more – aspects you can integrate into your mobile website to increase your reach and customer base.

You see, there are really some very good reasons to invest in a mobile site for your business as soon as possible.

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Maybe you have already a mobile website? – How did you make a your choice and for what system? – How do you use your mobile website? – I am more than happy if you share your experiences in a comment below.

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