Going International – First Conclusions

Now it is time for some first conclusions.
Up to now my researches on how to go international covered some very important points:

  • Going International: Is it worth trying?
  • SEO: Which site structure and domain structure I use best for my project?
  • Legal: What do I have to let the world know about me and my business?
  • Website Analytics: What program/s do I use best?

Each aspect of my last posts suggested additional questions which demand definitive answers – and honestly: I got cought pretty quick…

I decided very open minded – or naive – that I’d like to try going international. Meanwhile I get a small idea about the tremendous work involved.

I want to start slow with a small bilingual website and a geographical independent, generic domain like .com, .biz or similar for both languages. I believe the domain name and its ending matters. I believe these facts can tell me how hard it will be to build up a domain authority… – I found some short answers covering most of these questions:

Going International Is A State Of Mind

“One website for the whole world” – The thought started to bother me. There I really got trapped. I have to change my way of thinking: It is not enough to go international with the website, I have to go international with my mind and business concept too. – The point that I am not just building another website is slowly getting to my mind.

Web Analytics To Find The Target Group?

The question who will be my global website visitors I cannot answer yet… – But is this a “legitimate” approach? Can I offer my products and services to somebody I cannot describe? How can I make a propper offer?

Is it really a good idea to use analytic software to find my target group? It will be a constantly ongoing process: analysing from which countries my visitors are coming from, analysing why they are coming from those particular countries, optimizing the website content, then analysing any statistical changes… – And then right back to square 1.

I must confess: I seriously got hit by doubts. Is it really worth all the effort? Up to now no money was invested. Just time…

Now I have to make the decision: Do I go for it or do I not?
Of course I will continue ūüôā

Your comments and suggestions are welcomed very much. – Just drop a line, it may help to clear up my mind…
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