Going International?  – Why Not!

Since the idea to write some posts in english language for my international website guests, the thought got bigger and stronger, developed and modified. Meanwhile my direction is getting clearer: I want to expand into the huge wide English Speaking World… I want to go international. Why not? It is worth a try. – And: I want to find out if there is a place for me “out there”…


English Speaking Countries

Going International - Why Now?

The idea of going international is actually not new to me. Since years I bear it in my mind. Subconciously I take action to get out into the world. Unfortunately again and again I got torn between the worlds and the way to present business or to do business… Born, raised and living in Germany I got too much dominated by “how things has to be done”…

Above all Germany has a wide set of legal internet rules and regulations. Especially for online businesses dealing with end users. The confusion is always big and the fear risking lawsuits and high fines too.

Going international… – does this automatically mean following legal rules will get easier? Not necessarily. I still run my business out of Germany, pay tax in Germany and have to follow German Law… – So first I’ll have to do a lot of research.

But again: Why now?
I think, now I am encouraged enough. Now I am not afraid no more loosing anything. Even though I may have to start all over building up a business reputation. – But on the other hand over the past years I found it is much easier getting in touch with the international world than it is getting some feedback from “my own” environment.

If it still doesn’t work out for me, then at least I have tried it.

Going International - The Documentation

Maybe you are living in a small european country too? Maybe you are also thinking about going international? – With this small serial I’ll document the steps how I am going international.

Please keep in mind:
I am not a specialist doing so. I will learn it by doing and probably the hard way. I may do a lot of mistakes. But this documentation will help me to analyse them and getting better.

And you are more than welcome to follow the development of this project.

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