Imprint and Legal Information for International Websites

Imprint and Legal Information for international websites is an other tricky subject.

As a german website owner, living in Germany, addressing potential customers in Germany with a german website version, I have to follow german law. This is at least the way I understand the very few articles and questions I found.

Imprint and Legal Information for International Websites

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A very good starting point for me was the german post on dr.web. The article is already from 2010, but I think the principle is still the same. Different scenarios are described. For each combination of website owner location and customer location you will find a short paragraph.

If you are living in another country than Germany, either in the EU or outside EU, then the laws and regulations of your own country come into effect. But in case you want to address the german market you need to get familiar with german internet law too.

I didn’t find any fitting english articles on how to make international websites law conform… But actually this is no surprise since every country has own laws to follow.

For my project german law is mandatory. And for my english website version which does not address a specific country, german law is valid too.

English Version of Imprint and Legal Information

To get an english version of imprint and legal information for international websites I am looking for an impressum generator which puts out an english impressum version too:

Other sensitive Legal Points

A very sensitive point – not only in Germany – is the privacy policy. Almost all countries demand an explanation on how private data of the website visitors are used.

Here a website were you can generate privacy policy, terms of conditions, terms of service, terms of use and return and refund policy.

The use of Share Buttons, Facebook Like Buttons, Google Analytics or other statistic programs have to be “declared”. Especially german law is very picky about this.
Since I want to use statistics to identify and narrow down the local spread of my website visitors I definitely have to get involved with the up to date legal conditions.

English speaking countries of the western world seem to be sensitive when it comes to the use of cookies – at least since a year or so I realize special alerts with a link to privacy policy in case a website is using cookies.

Please share your own experiences with us. – We would be more than happy to read your comment.
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