Why to use a questionnaire?

Have a break, a cup of coffee and fill out the questionnaire

It is not always easy to start planning a new web project and formulating the exact requirements.

That is why I have provided a detailed questionnaire for you: As online form.

By answering all these questions, you will get the most important foundation for your new web site project at hand: the Specifications. Your answers will give you a very good overview of your project and enable me to create a realistic price calculation. – Simply complete and submit the online form.


Just take some time. – Try to handle as many questions as possible. The more reflective you will answer these questions, the more accurate your Specifications.

Of course you will receive a copy of your completed form!



    Your Name (required)

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    Your Website Project


    Question-Complex: Analysis and Requirements

    Field of Activity

    If possible, describe your field of activity in one sentence.

    What makes your competence, what are your strengths?

    Which of your services is economically most important to you?

    Which are the areas of your service spectrum?

    Target Groups

    Which main target group(s) should be addressed with the website?

    In which regional area is your current target group?

    How would you characterize the target group, what are the customers' requests?

    How do you rate your target group with regard to their assessment of the web?

    Web is very importantWeb is just an other medium

    Is the website primarily used to attract new target groups or to tie existing target groups?

    Rather existing target groupsRather new target groups

    What do you think the target groups expect from the content and presentation of the website?

    What do you think could be the ideal offer for the target group?

    Why should the target group choose your offer and not the offer from competitors?

    Competition and Market Situation

    Are there websites that are in direct competition with your Internet presence?

    Are there success factors among the competitors websites you would like to take over?

    Role Model

    Please list 5 to 10 terms that describe your job best: What do you do, what drives you daily?

    Which of the terms above is the most important?

    Branding and Advertising

    Is there an existing Corporate Identity with color scheme, house fonts and logo?

    NoYes: We have the material in digital formatYes: But changes are planned soon

    Have you already got flyers, business cards and letterhead?

    In case there is no Corporate Identity:

    Do you want a comprehensive Corporate Identity?Or a simple basic concept for the website?With logo?


    Question-Complex: Website

    No Existing Website

    Name a website that you like especially.

    Website Existing

    Do you like to have as main address of your website or a different one?

    Who is your provider, so with whom do you have a contract regarding your Internet presence?

    Do you have multiple mailboxes?

    Do you pay monthly maintenance costs to a service provider?

    Since when is your current website online?

    Were there major content changes?

    Who created your current website, and was the service provider responsible for the project all the time?

    Were you satisfied with the work of the service provider or not?

    Do you look after the website yourself? If so:

    With a program?Over the browser?

    What do you like most about your website, what do you consider particularly successful?

    Do you like this to be implemented in the new website too?

    Future Website

    What is the main purpose of your future website?

    Selling digital productsSelling physical productsPromoting servicesCollecting email addressesBuilding a brand / community

    Did you think already about a basic structure for a navigation list for your website?

    Do you already have an idea of the total size of the new website?

    Who provides the website content: texts, maybe necessary downloads, photos and / or graphics?

    Who is editing and optimizing text, images and graphics for the website?

    When should your website be completed?

    What is your budget?

    1000 - 2000 EUR2000 – 3500 EUR3500 – 6000 EURmore than 6000 EUR


    Question-Complex: Design


    What is your desired color space?

    What coloring would be appropriate?

    Solid colors, luminous and clear, like sun yellow, grass green, cobalt blue, signal redWarm mix tones, like Bordeaux red, orange-yellow, turquoise blue, brownCool mix tones, like white, blue, blue tones, gray gradients, anthraciteWarm pastel tonesCold pastel tones


    What is rather matching your self-image?

    Clear, factual, ordered, rectilinear, rectangle, triangle, squareImaginative, creative, flexible, circular, curve and ellipse


    What fonts do you prefer?

    Serif fontsSans serif fontsCombinationThis one(s):