Website Consultation

A professional consultation helps you to look into the right direction from the very first beginning. It ensures that you just deal with informations which are essential for your new project. All unnecessities will be left behind

To prepare a good consultation for you I need up front certain data about your planned project.

For gathering these data as easy as possible I created a free 10-part email course (in german) for you: You will receive an email each day for 10 days in a row. Every day we will discuss a fundamental aspect of your new website.

Just make some notes about your thoughts. Every day. – After 10 days you will hold the most important document of your project in your hand: The description of all the features your new website has to show.

This document is the basis of my consultation and all steps which will follow there after.

In case you prefere it more compressed you will find a questionnaire (in english) right here.

Get the free email course!

Simple & easy: create the basis of you new web project (german).
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