Website Creation & Maintenance

Let’s get started and make your dream website come true.

If you wish,  you can do most of the work yourself. If you are patient and well prepared, it is definitely doable. – This way you can safe some money.

But maybe you don’t want to put your hands on it yourself. Maybe you don’t want to invest a lot of time and effort to work yourself into a new field. – Then I am happy to do the website creation for you.

The same question arises for the follow up website maintenance.

It’s not only the content of your website which has to be updated once in a while. – First and foremost it is the software on which your website is running. The software needs constant attention.

We are talking about the security and the future of your project: Neglected, your website will get out of date soon. It may die the searchengine death and become an easy target for hackers. Your website may literarly ‘fall apart’.

This would be sad! – All investments in your website so far woud be lost.

I will do the maintenance for you!

…No matter if your website is new or older.
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