Website Statistic Software – Small Overview

The question of what website statistic software I should use is quite important to me.

With the help of website statistic software I want to analyse the website visitors of my new international website from the very first beginning. I want to find out from which countries my visitors are coming and what subjects they are interested in especially. In case there are countries with more visitors than from others it might be a good idea to build own websites for.

Here A List Of The Most Important Website Statistic Software

Google Analytics

Germany has relative strict rules and regulations to protect the privacy of people surfing the internet. Google Analytics used to be far away from those rules. But finally an agreement between Google and the german Datenschutzbeauftragten made it possible that Google Analytics can be used – under certain circumstances – by german website owners.

All gathered statistcs are saved on Google servers stationed in USA, underlying US law.
This is the main reason for german users to be still sceptical.

If you want to use Google Analytcs according to german law here a german article how to accomplish this:

Webalizer and AWstats

Webalizer and AWStats are both installed basically by all webspace providers. Both programs analyse server log files.

Here an article which compares both tools:

  • Both website statistc software is there, I don’t have to worry about, I just have to use them. Both side by side.
  • Both programs do not slow down the websites by any JavaScripts.
  • Mesure very accurate.
  • I didn’t find any information which point out some legal problems in using both website statistc software.
  • Not really useful for more than 1 website.
  • At least I quickly loose the overview.


Piwik is an open source website statistic software hosted on the own webspace. There is enough information available on the internet how to use Piwik conform to german law. There even is an opt-out possibility for the website visitors: individually visitors can decide if they want to be tracked or not.

More Pros:
  • Useful for more than 1 website.
  • It seems that alternatevly to JavaScript Logfiles can be read and analysed.
  • Privacy texts in german and english easy to find.

For Piwik I found some very good articles – for me specially intersting are articles in german language. They emphasize german law and makes it easy for me not to forget anything…

Open Web Analytics

An other interesting open source website statistic software is Open Web Analytics. It seems to have very much in common with Google Analytcs – but it is self hosted.

Obviously this software is not really known in Germany. At least I didn’t find any german articles how to use Open Web Analytics conform to german law. That’s why I will stick with Piwik.

What website statistic software are you using? – How did you make your choice? – I am happy about your comments.
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